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Q. My ad says 'excluding delivery charges' What should I do?
Ans. Most ads are shown excluding delivery and licensing fees. If you know how much they are, we suggest you include them in your 'total due at signing' They are legitimate costs that need to be paid if you lease a vehicle. However, if you don’t know them, you don’t have to enter them. The golden rule is consistency. It is always best to compare apples with apples. If you are just beginning shopping and looking at the advertisement on-line, it is not too important. If you are close to a deal, then include all the little extra costs that get added on. Be sure to run another evaluation if the charges creep up.

Q. My lease is shown with a manufacturers rebate. What should I do?
Ans. It is common for leases to be offered with a manufacturers rebate rolled in. For example where a lease offer shows a 'Total due at signing of $3000, including a manufacturers rebate of say, $1000, then the net down payment amount you have to pay is only $2000, which should be entered in the down payment field. The golden rule here is to always enter the true dollar amount you will be parting with at lease signing.

Q. What about sales tax?
Ans. Almost all lease ads are listed excluding sales tax. Because of this, has been set to evaluate a lease excluding sales tax. However, the golden rule with lease evaluation is consistency. If you are comparing lease offers and wish to include your sales tax in your reports, be sure to include it on all your evaluations. The lease offers will score a little lower, but that is not important when you really get into detailed negotiations. If you would like to offer sales tax calculations state by state, please let us know by using the site feedback on our home page. Tell us what you want. We will strive to achieve it.

Q. What is the highest attainable SHREWD LEASE® score?
Ans. The SHREWD LEASE® score is directly associated to the true dollar cost of the lease being evaluated. Our experience has shown that it is rare for a lease to score more than 9 or less than 5. However, since there is no restriction on how small or large the total lease costs may be for any given lease, there is also no limit on how high or low a SHREWD LEASE® score may be.

Q. Can ShrewdLease evaluate a lease where the number of monthly payments is different to the overall lease term?
Ans. Yes, the ShrewdLease Evaluator was designed with these types of leases in mind. Follow the entry steps until you reach the VERIFY YOUR ENTRIES page. Here, you can change the default value in the ‘Total number of monthly payments’ field to match the lease in question.

Q. Can ShrewdLease evaluate a lease where there are no monthly payments?

Ans. Yes, enter the monthly payment amount as “0”. If you are going to be comparing leases from many sources, be sure to apply the consistency rule: Base your comparison between leases with similar payment structures.