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Analyze many lease offers and use the SHREWD LEASE® score to determine your best lease deal.

If you are set on a particular vehicle, negotiate a better offer with the dealer by insisting on an improved SHREWD LEASE® score. Bear in mind that an increase of just 0.5 on an average price car will represent a savings in overall lease costs of around $1000.

With SHREWD LEASE®, there is no longer any need to be a monthly payment shopper. All of the lease variables are reflected in your SHREWD LEASE® score. The dealer holding a high profit? A high interest rate being charged? A large down payment? A restrictive mileage allowance? There is no hiding under the SHREWD LEASE® lens.

Focus on any areas of your SHREWD LEASE® report where suggestions are made. Show them to your dealer and ask them to improve their lease offer in these areas. Always check any new numbers with a new SHREWD LEASE® report to make sure you have been offered a better deal.

If you are open to many types of vehicle, hold off your acquisition until you find that extra special SHREWD LEASE®. Fantastic lease deals do come up now and again. Scour the manufacturers on-line ads and evaluate any leases that catch your eye. You will find a money saving lease sooner or later.

Use the SHREWD LEASE® score as your bargaining tool. Offer and counter offer using this instead of the monthly payment. Your dealer will be keen to work towards meeting your request.